AW 2014 Campaign

Shaun Ross‘s appearance in Marshal Apparel campaign only highlights the fact, that there is no place to compromise. Everyone who is familiar with modern trends already knows – uniform beauty is not what fashion world cares about anymore.

Shaun Ross (Bronx, NYC) is an actor, former dancer and the first black albino that made it into the world of modeling. Somehow, his story perfectly links the underground scene with high street fashion level. He has made a lot of significant appearances worldwide. This fall he hooked up with Marshal Apparel to become the visual slogan for an upcoming collection.

Campaign Video credits:
Production: AD ROOM / Cinematographer: Marek Dvorak / Director: Jiri Marshal / Camera assistant: Jiri Vagner / Edit: Vojtech Buchta, Lukas Kosik /
Music: IRU / Styling: Daniel Foltynek / Model: Shaun Ross, Vera Vavrova / Make Up: Theresa Matejicna

Campaign & Street Shots credits:
Production: The W prague (Vratko Barcik, Daniela Pilna) / Photographer: Vratko Barcik / Styling: Daniel Foltynek / Model: Shaun Ross, Vera Vavrova /
Make Up: Theresa Matejicna

Street Shots

Creating a campaign took place in one of many Prague's studios. We thought it would be such a shame to keep it all boxed in, so at the end of the 2nd day of shooting we took it out to the streets. And oh boy the open space of Prague's streets is such a perfect place to let the magic happen.


These spaced-out weirdo kids from „ok, sister“ had the opportunity to get their hands on complete MA collection to have some fun. Pics are ridiculous – we can't get enough of it.

Concept, Photography & Styling: ok, sister / Hair: Klára Kuželková / Models: Ivan Kašša, Martina Hessová

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